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We invite any site to link to Major Leaguer, to help you and your visitors find us easier. To do so, use a text or image link that refers to "". You may choose from the images below or create your own. For those who have never done a reciprocal link, here is what you do:
  1. Right click on the image of your choosing from the selections below
  2. Select "Save Picture As" (some browsers may display option as "Save Image As")
  3. To simplify linking and identification of the graphic, name it "mlipp.gif" (or .jpg in some cases) and save graphic.
  4. Upload graphic to your website in the same manner that you upload HTML files
  5. Copy the link command structure below and add it to your website.
    <a href=""><img src="mlipp.gif" border=0 alt="Visit Major Leaguer - Index of Player Pages"></a>
  • Keep in mind that if you place the graphic into a subdirectory, you'll need to enter that directory in front of "mlipp.gif" in the image source command.
  • Also note that if you save the image under a different name (such as the one assigned to it here), you'll have to change "mlipp.gif" to the name of the saved file.
  • Do not attempt to link to my saved images. Save them to your computer and upload to your account. If I find that bandwidth is being stolen, I will take appropriate action.
If you have a listing here and promote us on your main or links page, be sure to submit an upgrade form so a description of your site can be added to your link!

If you created an image, please share it with everyone else by submitting to and use the subject "ML Image". We'll add it to this page for others to use.

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