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Over 300 fan-made player tributes

With over 400 members and still growing we are considering supporting our own webring! The requirements for joining would be:
  1. Existing membership at ML-IPP (new submissions to ML-IPP must be approved before submitting to the ring)
  2. Keep ring code on registered URL at all times.
  3. Keep membership information, including email address, updated at all times
Sites joining the ring and using the HTML code (instead of the JavaScripted SSNB) would carry a link-back to the site and would be eligible for the upgraded link!

If your site is already listed at ML-IPP, please take a moment to let us know how you feel about this ring by completing the quick form below:

  1. Your Email (REQUIRED)

  2. URL registered with this site

  3. Your feelings about a webring associated with this site:
    Sign me up now!
    I would consider joining
    I don't understand rings
    I wouldn't join this ring
    I don't join any rings


If you choose "Sign me up now" or "I would consider joining" you will be invited to join should the ring be created. Those answering "I don't understand rings" will be given resources for more information and offered any guidance necessary, as rings are a fabulous way to bring traffic to your site. Responses using either of the final two options will be counted but not contacted.
Failure to include valid email OR URL will result in the poll NOT being counted, as your submission will be considered to be from a non-member of ML-IPP. This poll is only open to existing members.

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