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Welcome to the Rick Tocchet Fanlisting. A Fanlisting is nothing more than a list of fans. The idea was born after one person wanted to find out how many fans existed for a specific celebrity and soon a full website was born.

If you wish to have your name recorded as an official fan of Rick Tocchet, read the rules page first, then complete the form. I will add your name to the list just as soon as possible. You need not have anything but a valid email address and a love of Toc to take part. If you do have a website of your own, on any topic, link back to this page and I'll give your listing a link, too!

The navigation links you need appear at the bottom of every page. Remember, read the rules before you join. Most of the rules are established by

Currently this Fanlisting includes:
17 fans (in 2 countries)
Last update: 11:01 AM 8/11/2005

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