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Quotes About

Teammate Keith Tkachuk, after Detroit's Brent Gilchrist received no suspension for high-sticking Tocchet in a season where Toc served 3 different suspensions
"I'm disappointed in the league. Maybe it's just because of Rick Tocchet.
I mean, they should be in consideration of him; he gave them 250 grand this year.

Coyote coach, Jim Schoenfeld, commenting on a crucial goal

"Toc has scored a lot of big goals for us this year.
It was a good play......and Tocchet's usually where he is, scoring goals.

Teammate Jeremy Roenick, joking after taking 6 more stitches in the face

"I might get 1,000 stitches before I get 1,000 points. Tocchet might
have the record. Take a look at his face...it looks like Grand Central Station.

Wayne Gretzky, after the 1987 Canada Cup tournament

"He was out there on one leg giving it everything he had.
He's the one who managed to turn things around and get us going
in that final game. I'd be proud to have him for a teammate anytime.

After the trade sending Tocchet to the Penguins
Ron Hextall

"Toc's a winner, and our struggling really frustrated him. The all the trade rumors.
I think he felt the team didn't want him or appreciate him anymore.
When you feel that way, well, it's sad.

Paul Coffey

"He said all he wanted was a chance to win. He'll have that
in Pittsburgh.He's a good player who won't disappoint anyone in this city.
He has the heart the size of a building. He'll do what it takes to win.

Pittsburgh trainer Skip Thayer, on Tocchet's refusal to leave a game after breaking his jaw.

"...I know the type of person he is....he's a rare commodity. He's a tough kid,
a competitor. It had to be hurting him, no doubt about it.
But he was able to go out there and keep a positive attitude.

Pens' GM Craig Patrick, on that same injury

"We admire the character that he portrays all the time.
That was just another example.

After Tocchet's public feud with Flyer coach Mike Keenan concerning his benching during a game in November, 1987, possibly due to his refusal to fight.

"That's not true. He was benched only because he was playing poorly."

Flyer GM Bob Clarke

"Tocchet is mad at himself. He's frustrated. I wish more guys were mad at themselves."

"Rick is a physical player, and we never want to change that."

Mick Vukota, threatening Tocchet after the alleged-gouging of Dean Chynoweth in 1988

"Tocchet's going to be caught with his head down, and he's going to be sent down."

Flyer coach Paul Holmgren on Toc's return from injury during a Flyer slump

"Rick Tocchet will help but Rick Tocchet isn't Jesus Christ."

Clarke on Toc's reputation

"Rick has pretty well proven he's not going to back down from anybody.
No, not 'pretty well' - it's known everywhere: Rick Tocchet doesn't back down.

Concise honesty from Hall-of-Famer Mario Lemieux

"Rick was a great addition."

Then-Pens' coach Scotty Bowman on Tocchet's coming alive in the playoffs in 1992

"Rick delivered when we needed it most. He's versatile enough
to beat you a lot of ways: with his shot, with his savvy, and with his body.

Keenan, after giving Tocchet the captain's C after running with three assistants

"Rick had given us so much. We wanted to give him a vote of confidence."

Keenan, after Tocchet's incredible scoring tear in 1988

"Rick is a self-made player who's had to work for everything he's accomplished.
He's a tireless worker who enjoys playing under pressure. He's a leader and he
wants responsibility, and he's gotten a tremendous amount of respect around the league.

Then-Red Wing coach Jacques Demers after a hat trick against his club

"If we had a Tocchet on our team, we would have a chance to win the Stanley Cup.
A left winger who plays against him doesn't get to touch the puck often.
Bobby Clarke, justifying the trade that returned Toc to Philly, March 8, 2000
"He's got grit and he's nasty in front of the other team's net.
He has always been a good team player, the team has always comes first.