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During the scoring tear in 1988
"I never imagined anything like this would happen to me.
Maybe now is a good time for me to go buy a lottery ticket, huh?

After returning from a separated shoulder for games 3 and 4 of the 1988 division semifinals against Washington (he was described as playing "like he was shot out of a cannon.")

"I guess I have to calm down a little, but I am so wired for the playoffs."

About Ulf Samuelsson, who, after years playing against, became his teammate in Pittsburgh

"No I didn't like him. In fact, like most people who don't know him, I hated him.
But now he's probably one of my best friends on the team. I'd do anything for the guy.

Describing the attempt to stay focused on hockey, even with the Gulf War going on

"You forget about the war as soon as you get dressed
and then some said Israel got bombed and you can't believe it.

As he realizes he needs to stay on the ice to be most effective

"There are certain things about my game I don't want to change,
but I think it's about time that I realized I can't fight every battle.
Three hundred minutes in penalties is way too many. Way too many.

In reference to the alleged gouging of Dean Chynoweth, Islanders' rookie defenseman, in a fight October 27, 1988.

"He hit me with an elbow at the beginning of the fight, and I was in a daze."

"I told him (League VP Brian O'Neill) that no matter what happened,
my big worry was my reputation.

"I've had about 90 fights in this league, and I'm not known as a dirty fighter."

Upon receiving a 10-game suspension for the Chynoweth incident

"It's a nightmare, just a nightmare. I came out of that meeting
with Mr. O'Neill and I felt pretty good. Now I think I was misled. I don't know,
maybe a few games are added on if you're a Flyer.

After Mike Keenan's firing by the Flyers in 1988

"I think it's a breath of fresh air."

"Some guys, you can only whip them so much before you can't revive them anymore."

After his scoring streak of three hat tricks in four games

"I was in a hot streak that you really can't explain. You just hope it continues."

After the trade from LA to Boston...

"I wanted to go to a hockey team where there is passion in the air."

"I don't play as rambunctiously as I did when I was in Philadelphia.
I play a smarter game of hockey.

After being stoned by Hasek on a scoring chance in a close game October 29, 1997.

"I thought he might slide his stick across to cover the bottom of the net
so I wanted to go high and he came flying through the air and gloved it.
I saw him smiling like he thought he got lucky but he does it too often for it to be luck alone."

After scoring the winning goal versus Chicago (his 2nd of the night, both scored AFTER breaking his jaw in the middle period!)

"I was just going to the net and it hit my leg, I guess. That was a typical goal by me."

Prior to his third suspension in 1998

"The guy only got a fat lip. I just slapped him a bit with my stick."

After a crucial game-winning goal in the 1998 playoff chase

"You rarely see pretty goals in the playoffs, you might as well get them now."

After tallying a goal and assist to help the Yotes break out of a slump in January, 1999

"It was mostly a couple of players that said, 'Listen, we haven't really been
playing hungry the last couple of weeks. You don't always need
the coach coming in and telling you what to do sometimes.

After scoring his 400th career goal, in 1999, at Philadelphia

"I just got a stick on it, and it was one of those bang-bang plays.
Sometimes you get it, sometimes you don't.

After a 7-1 thumping at the hands of the Panthers in February, 1999

"They looked like the Red Army team. Jeez, they were flying."

After a questionable hit from Derian Hatcher left Jeremy Roenick with a broken jaw, ending his season

"If you do something wrong, drop your gloves like a man.
But a 6'6" guy jumps in the air, throws an elbow, that's wrong.

Explaining how teammate Jeremy Roenick happened to slash friend and ex-teammate Tony Amonte across the face in October, 1999

"J.R. is an intense guy and Amonte is an intense guy. Things happen on the ice."

After his third-period, game-winning goal, January 15, 2000, the 900th point of his career

"I'll take any goal nowadays, but in that situation it's kind of a special feeling."

After two Flyer rookies starred in a late-season win

"Any time you have rookies like that, that are instrumental
to your playoff chances, management's got to feel good.

On playing the Atlanta Thrashers in back-to-back games

"When you have back-to-back games with a team, the second
time they are more ready for you. So you have to be really ready.